BDSM session in Japan

Such a store is called SM club in Japan.
In many cases, Japanese people say a session as a play.
We will go to SM club for a session(play).
I indicate an average session charge in Japan.
Hotel cost other than a play charge is required.
It is about \4000〜
1$ ≒ 80\(Japanese Yen)

■When you are sadist,
60min : About \22000
90min : About \32000
120min : About \42000

※However, if you are Sade,
the severe act in which marks remain is forbidden in Japanese SM club.
Probably, the person who likes severe SM is dissatisfied.

■When you are a masochist,
60min : About \18000
90min : About \27000
120min : About \33000

Since English also corresponds, this store is consulted.
La Siora Tokyo Japan

※These charges are average.
It changes with stores.
In any case, sex is prohibition.
When you play in Japan, please refer to it.

SM club is located in large numbers in a city.
For example,Tokyo, Osaka, etc.
In addition, many SM clubs exist in all parts of Japan.
However, probably, there are few stores which can respond to English.